June 2014:

Ministry Begins:

Dear partners in reaching lost youth for Christ,

As we roll into summer we are reminded that this time of ministry can be vital to spiritual growth or regression in the lives of students. Summer can be a great because of it’s ability to remove students from overwhelming peer pressure, but it can be harmful if students constantly surround themselves with the wrong crowd. Thanks to our partnership with the West Toledo YMCA we have a way for our students to be plugged in this summer not only with solid Christian friends, but  can also be deeply impacted by the Word of God. The Unite Bible study at the West YMCA has been an established ministry in the West Toledo community for over two years now. It was originally created to impact the lives of Start High School students in the community surrounding the Y’s location. On a mission to unite christian students of all denominations to the study of God’s word and worship, we at YFC Toledo feel this is a great partnership for our summer ministry. We are asking for prayer that one heart, mind, and spirit can be formed between the two collections of students. Further, that we can engage and retain the spiritual health of the students, that we will reach this school year!

~Bryan Allard
Campus Life Director


We have a few leadership needs for this coming year! We currently are in need of Campus Life Volunteer leaders for the 2014-2015 school year. Please contact Bryan at ballard@ymcatoledo.org for qualifications or prospects of this role. We are also currently looking for new YFC Toledo board members that are committed to reaching lost youth. Please contact George Flanner at YFCToledo@bex.net for more details



hurry and

come down

because today I must


at your house.”

Luke 19:5

One of the coolest parts of our ministry is we have the opportunity to do something very similar to Jesus in this passage. We get to do ministry right where students normally interact and live. Sometimes we get to share a meal at their house. Unfortunately, Christianity has lost this method of outreach in many places. As we can see here it has a massive impact. We would like to encourage you to read the rest of Luke 19 and ask yourself, “Who is waiting to share a life changing meal with me?” Tell them, “Tonight, I’m coming to your place!” (metaphorically that is)


• Transition of Campus Life students to YMCA Unite Study
• Flourishing ministry partnership
• Campus Life leaders and Board members for next year
• Consistent giving



May 2014:

Story Time
Student Stories:

We have been fortunate to see some amazing impact in the work we are doing both with the West Toledo YMCA and with Whitmer High School! With Summer approching, and only two weeks left of Campus Life, we are encouraging students to attend the Unite Bible Study at the YMCA for their break.  We have seen tremendous spiritual growth in this study for students as well! Tiffany Bevan is one example of how God is moving. Here is Tiffany’s story:

“Because of the YFC/YMCA partnership, my faith and growth in Christ has been positively affected over the past year. I started coming last June when I first excepted Jesus into my life and it has played an important role in my faith because it has showed me God’s unconditional love for me, especially in times I didn’t deserve that love. I’ve built amazing friendships and it has also led me to the church I’m in today. I still come to study every week to learn more about God’s Word and grow in my faith.”

~Tiffany Bevan
Start High Senior

Board Encouagement

Insight from the Board Chair George Flanner:

As Spring and Summer arrive, God is giving new life to young people in our community, and fresh open doors for the good news! Thank you ever so much for your faithful prayers and support. We are in need of volunteers and prospective additional board members. Please keep this in mind as you spend time with other believers, and let me know of their interest in helping. Be blessed in the mighty name of Jesus!

~George Flanner                              
YFC Toledo Board Chair



“Come to


all of you who are weary and


and I will give you rest.”

Matthew 11:28

We are in a ministry of bringing people to Jesus! We would sometimes like to think that it’s us, or our efforts, that make the change. However, we know that ultimately Jesus brings the change!How often are you bringing others to Jesus to receive grace, rest, love, and hope? Do you ever think it’s in your own power or insight that the change will come?

My encouragement to you today is to remember that ministry for God is less about the words we say, actions we do, but more about the relationship with Jesus that empowers it all. Actions and words are important, but they only properly come from a soul submitted to Jesus!


• Transition of Campus Life students to YMCA Study
• Flourishing ministry partnership
• Campus Life leaders for next year
• Consistent giving

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